We are a special breed of people.

Kids of the world. With various skills.

But it’s the character that matter. We’re those you want to have hanging around. Here is why. In all humbleness.

We are the ones who acknowledged and healed ourselves. By looking at the bullshit in ourselves.

We are hurt early in life. Like we all were. We’re the ones who accepted it was so and took it inside.

That’s why you enjoy spending time with us. Because we have space for your bullshit too. In fact we love you for it. Because we see ourselves in your flaws. And we find what makes you unique. When you dare. Because we dare. All the fucking time. Because it’s real. It makes us feel something. It makes us feel you. And that’s where all love is found. In that space if genuine human connection.

We probably parented our parents and there is no way to talk to them about it without ripping their life apart. We understand that. We acknowledge it in silence. Hold space for that too. And we keep it to ourselves.

That’s also why we have super powers. Because we know we can destroy people with truth. Because we see you deeper than you dare to see yourself. And we don’t because how could we without being utter assholes?. It’s rough to hold space for that. Which is why we fall in love with each other in a heart beat and a look of an eye. And then we walk out to serve again. Because God knows – better than we do – that we are needed. By God we are needed. And we’re vulnerable. Not like this text which is written despite if the fear of being too much and the insecurity that comes with the inevitable dance with uncertainty that is mandatory for us.

Lone wolves some might try to box us in as.

But we’re really just nobodies. Normal people who sense ourselves. And you. And everybody. And everything.

That’s why we go to the psyc ward where others get promoted.

It’s also why we run the world behind the scenes when we get it. That narrow spot of holding space for once own power and love for everyone who is something else than a nobody.

Because if you’re something you got it. You got that.

We’re nobodies. There is nothing to get. And that’s hard. In fact impossible. And the only way for us. So we are paradoxical creatures. Powered by love. And pain. Yours and our own.

The latter is the key if you want to be more of a nobody.

You should hire us to come visit. We will be the one who pick the last person up.

Got a night guard at work on their own? We will make sure they smile.

Got a DJ who really just want to dance too? We’ll make sure they smile.

Got a leader who has no one to turn to when everyone left? We will listen, pull out wisdom and make sure you smile.

Offer massages and is everything to other people? We will make sure you’re taken care of to. With a happy smile at the end. 🤗

Current skills:

IT, dancing, nobodies, massages, healing, musik, cooking, ideas, football, experiences, public goods, email, customers,